Why bad trends become popular? How to avoid them?

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Trends work funny way and we can’t really tell how they come alive. There can be good trends as well as bad trends and sadly these come also suddenly a popular trend. And it is little bit of mystery how they come alive. Haven’t you even wondered why did this trend come alive? Weren’t you ever curious of why, from whom, from where, and why at all people are falling with them? Well keep reading this and you’ll find why band trends come to life, the ugly truth behind them plus bonus how to avoid them at the end.

Trends don’t just become popular and trends at all just like this without anything, there are factors that impact this pieces, styles etc to become trends. So what are this factor? Are they some people, the cultures or something completely different?! Well there are all that and more, but the first one that come to my mind is…

-Influencer: haven’t you ever seen your favourite celebrity or anyone in public eye wear something and immediately you wanted to go and get it? Not even because it was your style or something you would normally wear but because your favourite celebrity is wearing. I am pretty sure 90% of you will say to this yes so you know now what I am talking about. This people in public eye they have big impact on people because they admire their work, or because they are always looking so good there are so many reasons why, but why follow what they are wearing even though it is not that good? Well because you admire them, you want to be them and that atomically makes you think everything they wear is great and for sure you will look great with that and cool. The question we are all asking ourselves is how to avoid it? Well keep reading till the end to find out

-Brands: have you ever thought about how big influence big fashion companies have? For example like Prada, Gucci or even this less expensive once like Zara? Did you think about do people really care if the clothes that this companies are producing are just not good idea! No they don’t instead they make them huge trend. So this is one other reason why. When this companies come up with new collection they do have a lot of good ideas, but also bad ideas and they come out with them. People think because it from this company it is super trendy and totally good idea, because after all they are popular fashion company they must know! And also another reason you have known that they come up with only great and innovated ideas so they can’t go wrong. I would say it is social proof here. You have known for them to be only amazing in this and are such a popular company so if they create something it has to be honour to buy their stuff and it must be good.

-Popular nation: when a nation is worldwide popular they can also make big impact of fashion choice of other nations. For example have you ever thought when Americans or English start a trend it becomes huge world wide. But only because they are worldwide know why follow their fashion when it is bad? They are not only popular nation but also in many eyes very fashionable so people trust them in fashion sense. I will give you little example: Let say some American fashion blogger once wore some bad piece or outfit either because she was just not having good day or she might have put the piece great with the rest or the outfit. She went with this outfit to some big event with international media. The next thing you see girl in China is seeing her outfit and she saw it is American fashion blogger! Obviously she wants to get it too and here you go. This things come alive so quickly…

Bad trends can’t be blame on this facts only it has a lot to do with sociology. The way out brains work and how easily we get impacted just by social proof. If something has been proven right in the past, we just thinks it is always right. And also when more people wear it, it just must be good which in my opinion is opposite.

How to avoid it? How to know what is acceptable and what is just bad idea?

I think you first don’t need to follow people in public eye. They might be great what they are doing, but like anyone else they can’t be good at everything and also they make mistake with the outfit. Just try to create your own inspiration and train yourself to have that fashionable sense. How to train myself to do that, can’t you only be born with that? Of course not everyone can do it and it is easy than you think. You actually can try different pieces together as much as you can and this way you’ll train yourself to have sense what goes good together or not. Great place to do that is any store go grab couple of stuff you think it might be good together and see what looks good and what not. I know you will know what will look good and what not. Establish your own personal style and become your own fashion icon. By having your own personal style you will have your own formula and you will work your style based on that and won’t be dependant on anyone else. When you do this things you won’t follow others and you will be able to judge if something is bad or good trend. After all fashion is all about your own style, being able to present your personality and express yourself through it! When you follow others you won’t be able to do this.

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