Where have I been?!!

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Hey guys,

If you have been reading my blog for a while you have been wondering where I have been? And I am here to explain everything.

The reason I started this blog is because I was very passionate about fashion,beauty and fitness and wrote it for myself as well to help other by inspiring them as well as teaching them view things. And I loved writing articles I would always get excited to write an article and it was my happy place at dark time in my life where I was lost and didn’t know where to go. My blog was my best friend and truly did help me in so many ways. It helped me figure out what I really want to do with my life as well that I am very valuable and that I need tot think that as well. But for last one year I was struggling with my content here and it was not really the way I was writing, but I just felt something was missing. At that time I didn’t know what it was, but I wanted to change something since didn’t feel right. I was first thinking I could make my blog online shop and then also have blog and trust me I do have goal to design one day, but I need to work hard on that before I can make it happen. So I was still searching and and searching and in meantime I became very active on youtube and musical.ly which are video social platforms. And it was just great time creating content for these platforms and I got that feeling of excitement like I used to get with my blog. And I slowly started to noticed what was missing on my blog and it was my personality and full experience you don’t get in writing. Meaning I am very funny and goofy more goofy  and sometimes people do have to know me super well to get some of my jokes. And me being this fashionable girl who likes to share her passion for fashion but also who is funny and goofy doesn’t work well in written words and I might be also wrong some people might be able to do it. But isn’t it more fun me showing my cute outfits while dancing horrible that doesn’t make any sense and making fool out of myself or talking about something fashion related and in between making fun of myself for example how i buy so many high heels and never end up wearing them but still can’t explain why I bought them. I feel this is something you can’t put into words and I am okay with that, the reason people also love to watch youtube is because it’s quick and also gives you that full experience where in words it’s pretty hard to make this happen. But don’t worry you won’t lose me or this blog we are still here and we are staying this place or blog means way too much for me to get ride of it. I am for all my fashionistas on youtube posting weekly videos on there every Sunday and I probably going to be post the videos on my blog as well and I might also give you view times some looks and favorites something you don’t need full experience of video for. But this blog will now be focusing on slime and I know you are thinking what from fashion to slime!! Well I got super into slime and brought out my creativity. I think they are great slime videos out there, but I feel when they are showing you they don’t tell you except measurements which is for sure helpful you know for sure you won’t make any mistakes and is also good to go blog where the entire recipe is written and you can take it out whenever you feel like making slime without having to watch videos plus there and other things people don’t talk about slime that should also be talked about. As you see slime is big topic and I discovered it to be my passion and this blog was born on my passion so if I feel like writing about slime I can. And I also will be posting videos about slime on blog as well on my youtube channel so make sure to check out my channel. I think I have talked enough for now and I hope you understand my decision I think it is just understanding in what platform to post what content to keep you guys interested and that is my goal. So I hope you see you soon in here my write slime article should be coming right after this one so stay tune fort that.

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Lots of hugs and kisses

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