What is your Athleisure OOTD?

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Fashion is as you might know one of my biggest passions and I love the fact that you can express yourself through your clothes, but one another thing I love about fashion is you can combine two totally different styles and make it look dope. And it is like in real life two different make something beautiful and it is so relatable. For example you don’t own a lot of fashionista like clothes or you feel more comfortable with full fashionista like look then in this case you grab one fashionista like piece and then rest sporty pieces because those two styles suit so good together. So today we will be talking about how you can combine two different style and to be specific sporty with fashionista like and make an awesome outfit

Sporty/fashionsita look is suppose to be very simple but fashionable outfit. Joggers and pointed toe heels just go together so well so with that you know you can’t go wrong. I also think the colours suit great as well black and dark green are great together especially that now dark green is totally trending. Obviously the outfit was based on this two item so to make it simple but yet stylish to throw some basic t-shirt seriously these are the best. And fashion is all about surprises so you need to give people something they never see coming and in this case it would be leather jacket. When you first think about nah and you wouldn’t think it can work, but it is great addition for the heels it really compliments them and I think little edge to sporty/fashionista look never hurts. You would think joggers and leather jacket can’t work, but it looks quite nice and super stylish and to finish up the outfit with big bomb and it explodes you need to add this shades nothing says more stylish than adding shades. True fashionista doesn’t care what weather is like she always wears the shades, because it is not about the weather it is all about looking on point! 

So yes here is very cute way to style sporty/fashionista look, but I thought one picture wouldn’t cut it I need to get them more so here are view other picture to get you guys inspired

For outfit to work it is not so important that you have different styles in one outfit it is more about individual pieces and knowing what works together from those and that is this sporty/chica look all about. Joggers and pointed toe heels to work and that really makes difference with an outfit. I loved making this article for you guys and showing you guys how two different make something amazing. For this article we teamed up with Adoreme to show you guys how you can style sporty/chica outfit. In next days we will be posting on instagram click here our own sporty/chica outfit for even more inspiration and get better idea where to get these pieces and start creating amazing outfits. In case you do create your own please tag us or send us your photos.  

We’d just love this page to be a resource for your readers to check out some of the styles we offer and find the perfect fit for them! It would be awesome if you shared your outfit ideas on Instagram too!

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