You want to copy the shoes these fashion bloggers are wearing

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Something instagram fashion bloggers says can either break or make the trend. They have built such a huge and strong audience that they have full trust in them. When they wear something their audience will go and buy it, they are basically their online stylists. That’s why companies value them a lot and come to them for marketing rather than celebrities. So lately fashion bloggers have been wearing all over instagram view shoes and they are such a huge thing at the moment. You for sure want to get them because their are the hottest thing at the moment. So for today’s article I will show you these must have show and how to wear them so let’s get started

Heeled socks boots: this unusual boots have become huge thing among fashion bloggers. They are really elegant but in chic way. It’s great because you can be fashionable and elegant at the same time. Since they are sock boots they are very light and you can ever wear them on summer nights. You can wearing this boots in edgy way with some leather skirt, throw some nice blouse and add leather jacket to make it even more edgy for the final touch add some raybans and clutch and you got little edgy but also elegant and fashionable nightout outfits. But if you are feeling like wearing it during the day these boots look great with girly daisy summer dress very elegant and chic.

Fluffy slides: this fluffy slides have been popping lately ever since Rihanna our queen came out with them it has been huge deal. They have been all over the internet especially instagram and of course the fashion bloggers have been wearing them a lot. To be honest they are fashionable but also comfy at the same time. With these slides you can wearing anything casual from just simple jeans and plain top to with some cute summer dress, these just don’t go with some fancy clothes but anything casual works with them. 

Loafers slides: previously we had casual kind of slides and this loafers are elegant type of slides. Even though the previous once are casual and this once are elegant they do some things in common they are both called slides and they are both so fluffy that must feel so good always having this fluffy thing on your feet. This once are as well big in fashion bloggers community and they have been rocking these lately. And even though this are elegant types of slides you can well style them with some casual items. For example I would wear these with some denim shorts, some nice t-shirt or blouse and then the trick comes add blazer to this to give this elegance touch so it really suits to the loafers and then add a clutch and a hat to give even more that elegance. But you can also wear them with some nice elegant trousers and elegant dress, with this I just wanted to show you that they do work with casual items.

Old school vans: this latest old school vans have been popping lately a lot. Doesn’t matter what colour and even saw people wearing them with some prints but mostly black once are popping. Also doesn’t matter how old you are or what your style is everyone is wearing them it’s pretty crazy and so are also fashion bloggers. They are very simple and also easy to put outfit around them so that is the reason why they are so popular. With this vans you wear anything from casual just simple jeans to some summer girly dress anything goes. Just keep in mind when you do wear them it goes in more casual direction

Balenciaga ankle boots: ever site this spring this ankle boots have been huge in fashion bloggers community all of your favourite fashion bloggers have been wearing them and are still wearing them. They are very girly and fashionable ankle boots with little bit of edge as well. I love the fact that they are open little bit let you feet breath in summer time and I love this huge belts with gold details it gives that charm. A great way to wear them with some cute summer cut off shoulder dress with a clutch and nice sunglasses.

This are so awesome shoes some of them I do own but of course not all of them. What I love about these shoes you can create many outfits around them, when you are in hurry you can just take these and pick up an outfit around that. And these are truly the hottest shoes at the moment so grab yourself one pair of these totally must have and you can rock your summer outfits with fashionable shoes.

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