updated nail care routine

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one of the parts of #self_loving is nail loving so this is my new effective nail routine specially for cheeping nails and my products that i have noticed that keep my nails from cheeping and getting yellow and staining so let up start :

1- why do nails cheep ?

and that is the biggest issue of nails that you can have that makes you cut your nails short all the time or always having to buff out your nails right ?

nails are made of layers (100 keratin protein layers ) and when your nails are in water those layers expand as you can see on your nails that they are getting wider after you shower ; then once your nails are dry they shrink back .

or you are using a nail foil that is to hard on your nails .

that is how cheeping happens .

how do we fix it ??

cheeping usually happens of shows on longer nails and edges of the nails .

so here are the steps to get rid of it .

1- foil your nails in one direction and buff out the cheeping parts smooth .

2- dip your nails for a few moments in olive or almond oil .

another cool mask is taking the juice of an orange with garlic and place your nails there fro 10 min of 5 .

wash off your hands , and then rub your nails with olive-oil till your nails fully absorb the oil.

3- use a nails thickener or ridge filler :

my current favorite is essence XLL nail thinker i found that it fills in the cheeping parts easily and helps to grow your nails faster and dosent leave stains .

and my nails stay white when i remove it .

and here is my routine after doing the mask i apply one layer of the product and focus on the edges and keep the products on and do another layer if it starts to fall off around the edges .

and keep it on do not remove it , after 3-5 days if the layers got to thick for you remove it and start the routine all over and maybe keep your nails pare for one day only for the first 2weeks then maybe for 2-3 day to maintain the results .

Hope this advices helps you. These are very easily but also useful advices for your nails and for us girls it is important to keep our nails look good. Let us know how it worked out for you anyways now moving on to the second day of our Fitness Ebook as we promised with every single article the preview will come doesn’t matter if it is fitness, beauty or fashion related and as always we will put this one in our shop so you can download it and have it on your computer or phone and will always have access to and of course it is free. So are you ready!!

Jump bench: 30 seconds

Mountain climbers: 30 or 15 each side

Push ups: 12 to 20 depends on how much you can do! Just please don’t over do it

Planks: 30 seconds

And yes these are the workouts for day 2 as you can see they are getting harder. Every day it will get harder since you are training and getting advanced as always this is also going to be in our shop for you to download it for free and the day one is already there so click here to download the day one if you haven’t already. Also the other day I was talking to Lisa and some things might not be clear we made this rounds general for all of the exercises I talked about how 5 rounds for beginners 10 rounds for people in middle and advanced 15 rounds so all of these exercise you do 5 times if you are beginner it is for all of them.

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