Travel essentials

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Traveling is super exciting and adventurous. You got to see new places,hear new languages, see how their mentality works and new view things. Traveling is all about discovering new things and learning. Every time I got traveling I learn something new and this I would say is good part of traveling, but there is little bad part of traveling and that would be packing. I mean at least for me! It is so annoying to pack to have to think how to pack but not bring too much but yet at the end you worry if you brought everything you need. And how to do it better? How not to forget anything? Well you should make a list of all of the things you need, but even then who knows you still might forget something, or you might not know what you need for example if you are traveling for the first time. Well no worries guys I got you I have made kickass list, which I made after had experiences many traveling and made mistakes in past which now I know and know what you need and what not. So for today’s I got you guys with kickass packing list and let’s go:

Toiletries: this everything from shampoo to other products for hygiene and the best way to save place in your suitcase it to buy travel size of every product they are just the smaller size of all of the products, just perfect for traveling maybe you can keep your regular size of shampoo that you might need more but everything else small size and toiletries that are essential for traveling are:

  • Hanging toiletry bag: this is just good to have everything in one place so you don’t have to search all over the place
  • Shampoo, conditioner, face wash or mask, body wash, moisturiser, cotton wool, wet tissues
  • At least one deodorant and perfume
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
  • Suncream, heat protector and hair brush
  • Makeup: I would suggest you get also travel size for some products

Techno devices and accessories: nowadays we can’t live without our techno devices like our phones especially when we go traveling and that gives us opportunity to save these beautiful memories. But these devices don’t only keep our memories but also can get us from place a to place b and keep us in track of where we are at, what we should see and as well we keep in touch with people back home and let them know we are alright. We all know our techno devices have a lot of abilities and they are super good to bring to our holidays, but there are so many you don’t know what makes sense to bring to holiday so here are techno devices you should bring:

  • Your phone of your phone is important to bring: he has maps, he can talk photos and more
  • Phone charger of course when you have phone it needs to be charged
  • Power bank: so this one is in case you are planning of being outside for long time this can be super useful in case you run out of the batter and I mean who doesn’t need that
  • Camera: you will for sure need camera because you capture these moments if you have one your phone can do the job but if you want to keep captured even better camera is the device
  • Notebook: in case you need to work while traveling or you have to finish a paper you will need notebook, but otherwise don’t bring it you phone is enough

Clothes: now this part I think it is the hardest part for most of us isn’t it. I know I hate it so much especially when you have so much clothes. How much clothes you bring it depends on the person. But here are some tips that will help you out with clothes and make it less:

  • I would make outfit for every day I am away and then throw view extra items
  • Also choose some item you wear a lot and you can pair with a lot of stuff
  • Take as less shoes as possible because they are very heavy
  • I would also check the weather in the place you are going and according to that pair my outfits
  • I also made I video give you even more tips for clothes click here to check it out

Travel documents: from all the items that I mentioned these are the most important once, without these you can’t travel. This once are the essentials and as I said you can’t travel without them. You can still go without these other items and buy them on holiday but this once you need to bring so let’s see what items we NEED to bring: 

  • Passport or ID depends where you are traveling
  • Plane or train ticket depends how you are traveling
  • Student card because you might get discount in museums and even clubs while traveling
  • (Travel visa) if you need one and also that might be a thing if you are traveling for longer period
  • Money get already some local currency, debit card, credit card and some of your own currency or international one like euros
  • Health insurance and number if you have one
  • International driving licence if you have one
  • Emergency numbers like hotel number, hospital, police etc
  • The printed copies of important papers like hotel reservation

Others: these are all items as well important but can’t be categorised into some of these groups so here we go: 

  • Guidebooks of the place you are going to: this once are important because everything you need to see and tips you can read there so this is for sure must have
  • City map or app: to know where to go you will need either map or app
  • First aid kit in case something happens
  • Country plug adapter if the country has one
  • Pens view of them when you want to write
  • Books one or view of them because for relaxing time you can always read

As you can see there are view things to keep in mind when traveling. It is pretty big list but rather big all these stuff than for example more clothes but then you might be missing something you really need. Through the years I have been traveling I learned that these things are super essentials. Some of these things I have ignored in the past, but I learned that you need them and my experiences have proved me that I need them. It is very easy to get caught in what you are going to wear that all other stuff you kind of forget about and this is big no no. With checking off everything from this list I am super you will be ready for traveling and will have everything you need. Guys wish you all the fun at your upcoming tips and don’t forget this list it will always be here waiting for you to check it off

Stay beautiful and keep smiling

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