Things I learned in my 24 years!

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Hey my lovely people as some of you might know today is my 24th Birthday yess!!! Even though 24 is big number I still feel like I am 18 or even less. I have never done blog post on my birthday before I guess I was just always busy and kind of always forgot. But today I was thinking that it could be great memory for me and also share with some fun stuff. This year I came up with idea and I came up with this one today is what I learned in my 24 years. And I know I am crazy and don’t even act or look like 24 year old, but even in my case the 24 years I spent on my planet I did learned view things so this is what I am going to talk to you guys about. Who knows I might be insane and over my head but maybe you will even pick up something from me and even learn something from me (haha as always this is just me being ironic)

1. If you are not happy with your life change something about it: in last view months I made view big changes in my life because I was not feeling happy at all. And even thought it was risky for example me quitting my secure job I couldn’t be happier I have done it. Now I am full out here blogging and loving what I do, waking every morning coming up with new ideas. So for all of you if you are not happy change and doesn’t matter how risky it will feel make a plan and I am sure you will succeed. Being unhappy is worse than having secure job and it is never too late to change your life!

2. Making mistakes is important to your own growth: even though people do see any mistake as negative, but making mistakes is part of your life. It pushes you to learn things and it is part of your growing experience. Even though I had terrible time with some of my mistakes when I look back I am happy I made this mistakes because you learn so much from mistakes way faster than when someone teaches you. You will probably gain more from a mistake than what you are going to lose

3. Don’t ever compare yourself to others: I struggled with this one for a long time. I used to compare myself with my twin sister even though we don’t look like and we are completely different personalities I still did it. I learned that everyone has something unique about themselves, I should do me,do my thing ,appreciate myself and try to be the best version of myself and not try to be someone else. Only because you are no good at one thing doesn’t mean you are not good enough, you for sure have something else that some people can’t so embrace that and try to be the best at it what you already can.

4. You can’t never please everyone: If it is personality wise or just in certain situation not everyone will be pleased. You will always have these people who are hating on you and I am sure every person have this people, you just have to learn to accept it you can’t change anything about them they are just HATERS and that’s it. And also in certain situation if you are planning something it won’t always be possible to please everyone especially if they are different types of people, you just can’t go crazy just say either they can accept it or not come at all.

5. Expensive stuff won’t make you happier: I thought for a long time expensive things will make me happier, I will look cooler and better but this is so not true. If you think expensive things will make you happier just because you are thinking this way will not and expensive things don’t look much better on you. At the end you will spend a lot of money on one piece and maybe you will wear for one year and get over it.

6.Value of real friendships: Through my life I have made many friends, but not everyone was real. Through this bad experiences I started to value real friendship don’t ever take your friends for granted. These real friends will always be with you through low and highs so keep them around you will always need them don’t replace them with some much cooler people they might not always be there for you as your real friends.

7. Job is not the way to freedom: Even though you might think having job, having money to pay your bills is the freedom. Having job comes with other things like have to answer to some asshole boss and work hard for nothing to gain. You should create something for yourself and find your own freedom.

8. Traveling is the best way to find yourself: Not only is traveling just amazing because you got to see other places but you can really find what you want or what you don’t want. I had sometimes moments where I was confused about view things in my life and then I went traveling and it seriously helped me out a lot. You go to other culture and outside of your comfort zone and are in the place that you are not used to, that really opens your eyes.

9. Having kick ass degree will not guarantee your amazing job and good future: Nowadays people think I am going to do some fancy Management degree and I will get some good paid job and I am going to be rich. Well the truth is after the college it is not that easy finding a job and if you then find it you will pretty much be the lowest even though you have degree and knowledge. The working world is much harder than it seem so don’t do so degree so you can get rich, do it for yourself.

10. Bad choices will make great memories: Sometimes you think you shouldn’t do that it is bad and stuff like that don’t over think it and just do it. Go to crazy parties and get drunk, do random tattoos, meet hotties do whatever you desiree. Even though bad choices might have been bad I loved every second of these moments and wouldn’t change them. 

There is much more things I learned in these 24 years and much more that I am going to learn. I think the entire life you are in learning progress and you can’t never stop. And you can learn from bad as well from good things. Life is an exciting thing you can go through and just embrace it and be awesome. Love yourself, love people around you, make view mistakes and enjoy who you are. I hope you enjoyed reading this special article of mine I think it is good memory for me and I loved sharing this with you guys.

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