Things only fashionista can understand

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Fashionista what does that? Well fashionista I call all of you who come to my blog! My in general is everyone, who loves fashion and is totally into it. Tries the latest trends, make their own clothes trendy and is creative enough to create own trend. I call anyone who is into fashion doesn’t matter what style you have fashionista. So we all fashionista we understand each other and we do sometimes crazy things for fashion. And even though it is crazy we think that is totally normal, but non fashionistas don’t think so. They most of times that we do this things think we are super crazy, but we don’t care we know that has a purpose and that’s it. So for today’s article I would mention view things we do for fashion and only fashionsitas can understand. I made little clips that pretty much explains it if you relate to it share, like and comment if you don’t feel like reading we also made video about this one click here

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Typical fashionista sentence:  I have never anything to wear “

The outfit situation: Always need to change outfit 1000 times before leaving the house, even though you are just going for coffee!! But let’s be honest you always have to be looking amazing for yourself

Always with sunglasses: Doesn’t matter if it is snowing, raining or the sun is shining we just need to have sunglasses on us. It is just that cool !!!

It’s normal to spend money on small things: We would never think it is crazy to buy key chain for a lot of money. It is art and fashion you got to get it

When you finally have money to buy and it is out of stock: We sometimes find some amazing stuff, but not always have money to buy it right away. We have to save little bit and just when we saved enough it is out of stock. Like come on it is me your main customer but no they don’t care. And other people think well you can just get the similar one no biggie. No it is biggie because we have already made outfits in our head and told all of our friends about it that just can’t happened…

Wearing uncomfy shoes for outfit: Doesn’t matter how uncomfy the shoes are, when it looks great on outfit you got to wear. I mean would you risk having less quality outfit only because shoes are uncomfy? 

Ordering on your friends: When they don’t ship in your country or you might not want your parents to know about you ordering?! What to do then? Well you can’t not order because let’s be honest you just need these things you got to call your friends and ask them for their address

 When you ran out of money because of too much shopping: I mean we know we don’t earn too much to support out lifestyle meaning too much shopping. But when you just go to check some stuff out and you can’t help buying half of the store. And you over doit it is not our fault. And that pretty much happens every month so we got to cut some stuff like food less food or cheaper and that is only way we can survive. Because without food we can live without beautiful clothes not so much!!

When they ask you “Why are you so dressed up”: People don’t get it but we fashionistas we dress up for ourselves, not someone else but for us. And it doesn’t matter if we are just going quickly to the store or to the city always need to be looking good. And then they come and constantly ask you “Why are you so dressed up ” like don’t you know me? They just can’t understand it

Sneaking the shopping bag in the house: As fashionistas we are all known to shop a lot so do also our parents know. And every time they see you with shopping back you get yelled at for buying again or just tell you to stop it and all of these stuff. It gets annoying we can’t and won’t stop so stop talking about it and let is go. But sadly they can’t do that either so only way how we can keep shopping is to sneak the shopping bag in the house rather than sneaking the boy. This one I do so much often I am glad I have my own closet room to hide them all in there, but eventually my mom finds them anyways!!

We fashionistas are crazy and what crazy things we do for our dear fashion. But obviously this article is in very ironic way I mean we do this things but not so extreme don’t take this article too seriously this is kind of my way of showing you my fun side and that I love making fun of myself. Hope you enjoyed this article and enjoyed watching these clips. Please give me feedback letting me know how you like this clips.

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