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Don’t you hate when you want to find some cool slime hacks to make slime making easier, less expensive and other stuff, but yet when you search it the only hacks that come up are “You should buy bigger packaging of glue this way it costs less” or “When you make borax activator store it in the bottle so you can reuse it”! Like we get it, but we also not stupid I think we can figure out that on our own am I right? Well don’t worry they are many awesome hacks and I will be revealing some of them for you today so let’s get started

Coconut oil 2 in 1: I feel coconut oil can be useful for many things and it is always good to have one at home. But for slime coconut oil is very handy if you want your slime to smell good and you don’t feel like going and buying slime scents just add to the slime. First the ugly glue smell will go away and you will have amazing smelling slime. But not only does the coconut oil do that, but it can also soften the slime if you feel it is too hard, just add coconut oil. The good thing about this method is you won’t need to use half the bootle to soften your slime (I feel this is sometimes the case when you use some lotions) you will need max 1 tsp which is not that much.  With coconut oil you get 2 in one you will soften and get beautiful smelling slime at the same time.

As you can in the video it gets messy with the hands, but at the end the smell is amazing and slime is soft.

Making glitter slime without a glitter: you planning to making some cool glitter slimes after school with your friends, but the excitement goes away when you realise you have no more glitter, well don’t worry babes you can still make glitter slime. Usually a lot of lotions and self tanners and mostly moisturisers are made with glitter you have little bit of glitter in there so just add little bit of that and that is it. I mean it won’t look as cool as with real glitter but it is better than nothing. And these for sure smell good so you will be getting great smelling slime as well.

Slime with matt finish: I love glossy slime, but sometimes it is cool to have this matt finish it also feels good when you are playing with it so how do make matt finish? This might sound weird but trust me it works just add little bit of sugar powder and that is it, it will almost immediately get matt finish. 

Colouring the slime: one of things that make a slime great is colour of the slime when you put some awesome colour slime looks much prettier, but it could happen that you might ran out or you forgot to buy new ones. Don’t worry you can still colour the slime just not with the colour. You might want to use chocolate little part and add to the slime. Start crushing the part of chocolate inside the slime and eventually it will become a colour. It won’t be super bright or colour you might like, but it still get you colour. But chocolate is not the only food that will turn your slime into colour try some fruit like berries they will might get you bright colour just add them before activating, because adding berries to slime will totally deactivate the slime so you will have to activate it again. Just press the berry and then add to the slime and you got great slime colour. 

Crunchy slime: crunchy slime is and will stay my favourite slime I just love the sound and how it feels like. Little fact crunchy slime made me want to start making slime! Anyways for crunchy slime you need beads and it sucks because you do have to buy them and in some stores they can get pricey plus some are not that good and not that crunchy. So for people who want to save money and also have good crunchy slime meaning no beads falling out here is better I guess and cheaper version. Just use skittles candy or any similar candy to that of course you don’t need to use the entire pack but little bit and it will get crunchy. But in case you don’t have skittles another good way to make crunchy is chickpea or crunchy cereal would also work. 

As you can see some fun hacks that will make your slime making so much more easier. I really want to give you guys hacks you never heard before so for this article I did a lot of experiments but now we all know what’s good and what’s not. I have more hacks coming your way so make sure to stay tune to heard more fun hacks.

I also made with more slime hacks click here to watch it there and more great hacks you will find useful so for sure check it out 





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