Slide slippers with fishnet

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Hey my loves it is finally summer here in Switzerland and it feels so good. I was the other day at swimming poop and got so tan I got even that weird line from sunglasses I was just chilling at the pool and got it. I am pretty blessed to get tan very fast because I am darker, some of my friends go tanning all the time and still don’t get that tan. I am not big fan of tanning it gets so hot so I am always in water and that is faster way to get tan yes one good hack I got you. Anyways this post I was going to post sooner but we already planned the fitness article that you can check here and also keep your eyes on the next fitness article which will also be the next article on our blog because you will get to see preview of our fitness book yes we didn’t forget about it still working hard but as you might know book is not easy to finish so you need to be patient. Now to the point I posted this Outfit on instagtam around two weeks ago and I got so much good feedback so I decided to share with you guys all the details of the outfit. That day I was just simply playing around and this is how it turned out

Crop top here | Sunglasses here | Skirt  here | Fishnet Tights here | Slide slippers here

This day for my outfit I was going to wear this latest trends everyone has been wearing the fishnet tights with jeans and crop top, but I thought why not add little twist on that and instead of jeans try with skirt. And it was so great because that day I found while cleaning my old fringe skirt that I love and thought it would suit great with it. When I put it on I knew it was the good choice and then I was moving on to the t-shirt that part was little bit harder. Of course it had to be crop top because this trend is all about fishnet tights and going above the bottom and so you can see it. But I noticed I don’t have that many crop tops and I used to have a lot of them and those that I have don’t match the outfit and at one point I was thinking of becoming this DIY person and cutting one of my many black t-shirts, but then I remembered I had a lot of my summer stuff in one box in my room. So I pulled that out and found suitable crop top for the outfit and it was this black with some slogan in gold and what I was looking for this gold little bit fancy but still keep it casual. For the shoes it was struggle as well first I thought wearing my ankle boots but on that day it was too hot so no way you can wear ankle boots, then I was thinking sneakers but at that moment I was looking at my brand new slide slippers that I got that day and I was like it might be ugly but also might be awesome and since outfit was like fancy/casual this were perfect they are metallic so little bit fancy but since they are slippers also very casual. So I decided to put them on and wow that looked amazing I loved it and I finished up the outfit by adding this new rayban sunglasses that also suit with slippers colourwise and in general looked great.

This outfit was very fun to style and not big deal very simple, but yet it has something that is what I love about the simple outfits. I am very proud of myself to adding little twist and ended up looking even better. Hope you enjoyed this look and got inspired please do recreate this look and share with us on instagram @nakedlydressed

My loves stay beautiful because I know you are and keep smiling no matter what

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