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Hey my lovely people I am sorry I haven’t posted so much lately just being busy doing so project that I can soon show you guys and can’t wait to see what you have to say about it!Anyways for today’s article I decided to show you what I wore yesterday since I haven’t posted outfit post in a while. This one I am really proud so here is what I wore hope you enjoy it and please do not forget to smile and be happy. Wake up everyday being thankful and blessed to be alive

Jacket from Pull&Bear | Sunglasses from Rayban | T-shirt from Zara | Skirt from Stradivarius | Watch from DanielWellington | Necklace from Topshop | Ankle boots from Pepejeans

When I started putting together this outfit originally it would have been totally different it was suppose to be with jeans shorts, but then I found this skirt that I bought and thought to wear it because I haven’t wore it is a long time. For the shorts I prepared the belt because with shorts it would look cool and the shorts is little bit big as well. But when I then choose skirt I was like why not use as accessory for the skirt this belt? I have been seeing great outfits with skirts and belts even though when you think that would look weird it can totally work. So I was working with this skirt and belt and next thing I grabbed is that graphic tee. This tee is also item from my closet that I kind of lost their because it is too much mess and this day I found it while looking for outfits for my instagram shoot I had that day and I got reminded that it could totally work with this look. After that I took my leather jacket to add little edge to the outfit you know how I love the edge to any outfit and it worked out so good with the look. After this it was time for shoes and of course what looks better with leather than ankle boots and I like about them they are little bit edgy but also stylish so it works with anything. And for details I grabbed this rayban sunglasses the once that suit most with outfit I mean I don’t go anywhere without my raybans and then I add my Daniel Wellington watch I thought colours suited to the look and to finish this outfit I needed to add something extra and it was this necklace from topshop. For the bag I choose this black backpack because that day I had to bring a lot of stuff so I need some big and comfy bag so backpack is always good, but clutch or just simple handbag would totally go with this look as well.

I am pretty happy how this outfit turned out. Lit outfit I would say and you know play around with clothes and see what is the best that is what I most time do. Make sure to go to our instagram we will be posting a lot of lit outfits like this one on there so just click here

My loves stay beautiful because I know you are and keep smiling no matter what

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Lots of hugs and kisses

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