Nakedlydressed? Explanation…

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Hello people I am so sorry I haven’t written anything is such a long time. I have been working on rebranding the blog and have some new idea and direction for blog but will obviously ask for your opinion before I go forward with that since you are all part of our family. 

Today’s post is about something you were all wondering about which is thname of our blog “Nakedlydressed“. Here is Lisa’s explanation another nakedlydressed girl who came up with the name

Actually my inspiration for the name is quite odd and unexpected .

based on the blog’s topics i wanted something that screamed confident , related to fitness, beauty and fashion as well as something that get the audience wondering about the blog’s topics .

 So I wanted the 2 words naked and something related to fashion there were a few name nominations yet I really don’t remember them , but my first choice was Nakedlydressed due to its surprising effect ; which worked very effectively .

 At first glance the name seems like something related to porn lol , but one you open and read our posts you can see the relation between the name and the content advocating.

And now from that combination we have this amazing platform: the fact is if you feel comfortable with your body with and without clothes everything is life will fall in it’s natural place. 

We don’t just have this platform where you can feel free and confident but we also have our social media accounts where we encourage people to be themselves and don’t take life too seriously. Mostly on app we have been asked many times about the name since younger people use the app more, sometimes we do get comments like “why would you have this name” and we don’t want to annoy anyone with this name, but to encourage young people to be proud of who they are and never be ashamed. We have that name “naked” that people would be scared to put as their name, but we want to share it everywhere to show you guys to always carry your name and yourself like is the best thing in the world. 

What you can take from this just have fun, be yourself don’t pretend to be someone you are not just to get followers and be proud of who you are. 

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