How to make slime on budget?

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Hello my loves,

So as some of you might know I have slime account on instagram called @slimewithkaty and I always get asked cheap ways to make slime or if I can send you guys slime and at the moment I can’t I really want to make slime shop but I have to figure some stuff out and for sure would do monthly giveaways. But for now I thought when I get give you slime something I can give you is some advices how to make slime on budget because boy slime supplies ain’t cheap.

So let’s get started:


You would think glue is so cheap, but it not that especially if you want good quality. So if you want to save money you can for sure buy big packaging because you will get more and pay less. Or if you still go to school you probably have to buy glue anyways for art class or just generally for school and at the end you always have little bit glue left so what I would do is collect all the left overs and use if for slime. And the last advice I can give you just simply go to dollar store and get there glue it won’t be very good quality but it will do the job so doesn’t really matter.


So of course for colour you use food colouring or acrylic colour, but that is also pricy so for colour you have so many options. First you can use some of your old makeup lipstick eyeshadow even brush to colour the slime. You can also use markers it might need couple of layers but you will get it. And even nail polish can be used for colouring slime and I know you have at least one. And you still go to school you need colours for art class so why not use that so see so much options without paying any dollars


The easiest and most cheapest would beΒ detergent because you probably have it at home, but borax you can also find very cheap for about 2 dollars to Etsy and you get around 1 kg which will last you for years. So you almost don’t have to pay anything for it or just little bit.


In my opinion you don’t always need decorations because slime itself sometimes look amazing, but even if you need it can still be cheap. You can cut straws and use it as decorations to make your slime crunchy, or maybe you have some cake decorations like sprinkles you can use that as well. Or just go through your room probably going to find something you can decorate your slime with.Β 

And there you go you can make slime very cheap even for just one dollar if you have everything at home. So making slime can be possible for all my slime gals so let’s go try it out and let’s see how your slimes turned out. Send me I want to share them.

Hope this one of helpful and happy making slimes





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Stay positive and keep smiling

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