How to shop on budget?!

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We live in society, where constantly having new stuff in a MUST HAVE yes it is sad and no I don’t like it at all, but it is how it is. And also when you see something you really like you will buy it and make yourself think you need it, and don’t even lie I know you do it as well we all do it. But sadly even though we do live in this kind of society most of us can’t afford to buy every month new clothes. You either have to starve or self or not buy clothes or we all know we rather starve ourselves than have old clothes. But don’t worry you won’t have to do any of this, because today I am sharing with you all my secret hacks how to shop on budget, when you can’t afford to buy new clothes every month it is still possible.

Online shopping:

Online shopping is the key, not only are you able to shop for hours, but deals for anything are endless. You won’t find as much deal in stores as much online and that is proven fact so I would suggest for sure going online before even entering the store

Leave Items in your Basket:

Most of online store let you leave items in basket, so if you like something but is pricy leave it for view days and check back. They might have some deals and you might get view dollars off. I know Victoria’s Secret they have every week some new deals so it is for sure worth waiting little bit

Make room inΒ your closet:

If you want new clothes there is chance there are some clothes in your closet that you don’t need so why not sell them, make some money so you are able to buy new clothes. There are so many good apps and website you can sell your clothes on for example poshmark.

Use coupon app:

There is such a thing as coupon app like RetailMeNot where you can find many good coupons on go you can use some in store and some online to go through the app and find something you can use

Thrift store:

Yes not everyone is for that, most people hate going through old clothes but trust me you can find some amazing pieces there and it would be worth it and I would for sure check it out after all you have to save money.

Use sites like Ebates:

Site like Ebates and Fat Wallet share the wealth by giving you small percentage of your purchase price back in the form of a cash rebate. They are simple to join and easy to use the only problem is you keep forgetting to use it so keep reminding yourself. But I think this is great way to save money.

This view hacks are really useful and did help me out a lot to save money. But I feel the best hack is to just organise your finances and then you will be able to afford more. Anyways have more hacks coming so stay tune because it is coming in view days.





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