How I started with fashion

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Fashion has been big of my life for a long time now.

But this thing with fashion has back story and the reason I am so connected to fashion and after all why I fell in love with it. It is pretty long story, but guys please bare with me it will be worth it. I wasn’t really sure I should even write about it, but I think you guys should know how this started and why I am the person I am today. I have this fashion blog and give you advices and inspiration, but yet you don’t even know where does this passion come from. I want you guys to understand me and relate to me on higher level than just with have similar styles or she gives me good ideas. I want you guys to know me more than girl with cute outfits, I want you to know everything about me and give you also personal side as well not just my passion side. So here we go

1. The new beginning:

When I was 12 years old my family and I moved from my home country Serbia to Switzerland. At the time my dad had here job and also my parents thought my sister and I had better future here than in Serbia from education to after job opportunities. My sister and I were very sad! We left our best friends, our family and our country. In Switzerland everything was different: the language, the culture and also the entire system. We were confused and didn’t know what to think, but we wanted to give Switzerland a chance. And we did! We started the school in class, where children learn German. At the beginning it was hard and the school system was so different from Serbian. But after a while we started to adapt and made view great friends in this class. View months later we even went with the class to the school trip and we had the best time ever there. We started to get closer with view of the girls and our German got better and better every day which was so amazing. At that time we were having so much fun and we loved going to school, but every good thing has to come to the end. At the end of the year we had to go the new school because we were at that about to be 7th grade and our school at that time was till 6th grade. We were pretty sad about it. Leaving our friends again and going to different school, where we didn’t know anyone. It was again very scary time, but we knew we at least have our friends and we can always call them. We very sad but we didn’t let us bring us down, we were more proud of ourselves what we have achieved in that time.

Explanation: My sister is my twin sister and no we do not look anything like she is blonde and I am brunette and we have totally different personalities. My sister and I were and still are very close, but at that time we were very close and we would do EVERYTHING together! At the second school we were also in class for kids who are learning German

New school, new friends:

It was the Monday morning around middle August and we were on our way to our new school. My mom drove us to school and brought us to the school. The first day at the school flew by so fast and at the end of the day we have already made a lot of friends. We were very happy that people in the class were very welcoming and friendly. We were in that class for one year and that year flew by so fast. We learned every day more and more German. We even started to read and watch in German and it so amazing how when you are young you can learn something so much faster. That time was also pretty amazing we even made friends with people from other classes and had at that point huge group of friends. At that time we made amazing memories and enjoyed hanging out with every single person in that class. When we thought we have finally found our happy place yet again we had to change classes AGAIN. But this time not together, we were going to go to different schools and classes!! It was time for my sister and I to go to normal class, where people spoke German fluently, because at that time we spoke enough good German to go to that class. They thought because we were twins we shouldn’t be in the same class, but so we can’t even hang out on break we put my sister in one school and I stayed in the same school just in the different class. I was super sad and couldn’t imagine going to school without my sister. At that time I was very dependant on my sister and that was harder for me than her. I knew doesn’t matter what I will always have her to have my back and I didn’t even need anyone else, but now first time in my life I was alone. I had to go through school alone and go to new class all by myself! The though of that made me so sad I couldn’t think or breath anymore. But I kind of forgot about it for minute when we were on our summer holidays until we got back and I actually had to go to school alone…

School without my sister: 

The first day of school rolls around and I am super nervous. Don’t know how this will turn up. Will people accept me in the class? Will I have anyone at all? But I stayed strong and went that day to my new class and everything turned out great. The class as well as the teacher were pretty great and friendly. I was starting to make friends with the girls from my class. First view weeks I was super shy and quite, because it was not easy going through school without my sister. Without my sister I had less confidence and it was all new to me. But every day I became less and less shy and really started to get to know my class and make friends. The first year in that class flew by so fast and I made so many memories and friends and I finally was able to independent and I could do things without my sister. It was huge thing for me and I was so proud of myself. But just when you think things are going well something has to ruin it…

They didn’t like the fact I was being myself:

The second year started and everything was great in the beginning. I started making friends with other classes and had great with them as well. I even got closer with boys from my class I started being me and just started telling jokes and we loved that we laughed so hard. At that time I felt so comfortable being myself and enjoyed it so much, but not everyone did. The girls from my class didn’t enjoy that I got closer with boys and that loved hanging out with me. Not only that, but I had people come up to me and tell me how they loved my outfits even though I they threw something on me or how I looked great even thought I didn’t wear any makeup. I felt all that things annoyed them because they were trying to hard and I didn’t really even care that much and yet I got acknowledged and they didn’t. But I think the reason people did acknowledged that is because I felt so comfortable in that and I wore with confidence and they didn’t really felt comfortable and they were not really being themselves, they wore those clothes because everyone else was wearing them too. I think that is totally wrong way to do it and that is also not the concept of fashion. With fashion you should represent your personality that people around you. But back to the point they hated it and mostly one girl who was like the leader didn’t like the fact I got along with boys so well and she didn’t. They started leaving me out: first they would go somewhere else when I would come up to them on break, they started talking to me less and less! I mean not all girls left me out I still had like two girls in class that I still had, but these other were so bad.

Something bad turned to be good thing:

It was very bad time for me. They would make fun of me every time I would say something and they didn’t even try to hide it. But I not once was rude to them, I always kept being super nice and that is how you should be if you are made fun of just be nice they won’t be able to be that rude to person that is nice to them! Because of all of that I started to talk less and less and became completely quite.Even the boys from the class picking on me, I was not that fun joke telling person and these girls were also stronger than me!I did have friends from other classes and on breaks I did hang out with them and they were amazing and we are still to this day friends.  But when I was in the class and we had to do some team work I would be left out and I wouldn’t have anyone to partner with and it was just very bad time. I became very depressed and sad and for long time I was hiding it from my family, but I couldn’t hide it from them. After some time they noticed that something is off. I was not the same person I was not that fun and carefree person anymore just sad little girl. Many times on my way to school I had thoughts of just quitting with all of it and with my life, but somehow I did manage to get strength and not do it. There was tram station on my way to school and sometimes I would just think maybe I should stand there and just let tram hit me it will be better for everyone. But I am so thankful to myself that I didn’t do that! And every day I kept being strong and just thinking it will get better. One Friday afternoon my mom and sister picked me up from school and we went to the shopping mall. My mom wanted to cheer me up because she knew I was going through hard time and she knew we loved shopping I mean who doesn’t. That day my mom bought my sister and I view clothes and it was super fun and happy day for me. After that evening we tried out the clothes we bought and had so much fun. First time in view months I was happy and I laughed and forgot about stupid kids at my school. After that I had so much fun trying out these clothes I decided the next day to try out clothes I bought with my old clothes and see what looks good. From then I tried out every day clothes on and put different outfits. By doing so I was able to figure out what works well and what not. But not only that also found out my style and in what I felt most comfortable as well as loved to wear.  I discovered whole entire world! I no longer just wanted to throw something on me. From then on I started putting on outfits based on my style and how I felt. I saw it the chance to represent myself and tell people my story.

Fashion changed how people saw me:

With the thing I was doing with my clothes I started to understand fashion. I knew how to put together pieces I loved and felt comfortable into an amazing outfit. Doing that made me so happy I no longer was sad even though things were still bad at school. I was so in love with these outfits I put together, they busted my confidence and I was no longer that little shy girl. Because for me I felt good what I was wearing I got that power to just walk in classroom without looking down and hiding myself. People from my class started noticing that and started noticing my style. And even though my style was pretty different from typical style of girl at my school they couldn’t make fun of it because it was just that good. I knew what I was doing and they also knew it was that good they couldn’t even make fun of it. You know that situation when you want to make fun of something or someone, but you just can’t find the reason and you just know it is that good. After that everything came to place. I was feeling good and the third year went better than the second year. At the end of third year and also the last year at that school all the bullying stopped completely. I even started to have pretty good conversations with people for my class, but of course it was not the same because I knew what kind of people were. And one very funny what happened is the main nasty girl did tell me she loves how I dress and that I don’t dress like everyone else and that she eves me for that. And at that moment I realized that this bad experience I had happened for the reason. It lead me to my beautiful passion! Who knows if I would opened myself to fashion if I stayed friends with these ordinary girls. The funny thing is when she said it, it didn’t matter to me as much as I thought it would matter. After that long time me wanting to be accepted by her I didn’t care anymore. What I am trying to say is that at the end it won’t be that big deal be accepted by there people. You just need to be accepted by yourself and embrace yourself!

Moral of the story 

The moral of this story is that kids will pick on you mainly because they want to be you. But you have to fight back and find one thing you love and do it or wear it with confidence, but also make it awesome that they can’t even find reason to make fun of you. Don’t try to be someone else so you can just be accepted.

What I took with from this experience:

-I started to value friendships and not taking them for granted. When you been through that when your friends stabbed you in back you real appreciate every friend

-I started to be more open and stand up for myself: after all this happened I really became more open and loud that experience made me realize you shouldn’t be quite you should be loud and stand up for yourself tell them to shut up and mind their own business

-Started to love myself and accept myself for who I am: after this I learned that I pretty awesome and I made something great for myself

– Learned about my true passion and that is more than just fashion: I learned that fashion is not just the way you dress, it can send some message and also help you out in many ways like it did with me.

Fashion I have say saved me and helped me in so many ways and I can’t imagine my life without it. Many people think fashion is just the way we dress, but it is so much more. But with that I am not trying to tell you just story how fashion is more I want to tell you that people might pick on you, but don’t think for second it’s because of you or that you have to change. Being different is nothing bad it is actually pretty amazing not a lot people have this. Love yourself and find that thing you can be awesome in and just keep ignoring them! Keep doing your think and try to find something that makes you happy all these bad thoughts and people will be forgotten. And just think there is going to be something good coming out of that and just look forward to that!

I know it was long story, but I tried to write as less as I can. This is something I wanted to write about for a long time, but wasn’t sure if I should do it. I hope this can also help you if you are going through bad time and are bullied. I am not posting this so people feel sorry for me I am posting this so I can help some people who are going through similar thing. I just want to tell all of you stay strong and never give up just block out the HATERS!

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