Fluffy slime recipe + bonus recipes

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Fluffy slime is so fun to play and is my fav to make. I love the part when I have to put shaving foam it reminds me of whip cream and that is just the best thing ever. So today I will give you my recipe for fluffy slime since I uploaded fluffy slime tutorial on my youtube I thought this would be great addition to the video and also there will be view bonus recipes for special fluffy slimes in this article so make sure to read everything.


  • Washable PVA Glue
  • Borax Powder
  • Water
  • Measuring Cups
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Shaving foam
  • Food Colouring if you want to colour your slime


  • Before you start with making the slime you have to make borax activator
  • You will mix one 1tsp of borax powder with 2 cups of hot water and then you can store it in some bottle this way you can you use couple of times
  • When you are done making the activator you are going to ½ cup of glue into the bowl and mix little bit I like to do this because it does make the texture of the slime little bit better
  • Now it is time to add the thing that makes the slime fluffy and that is shaving foam any shaving foam would work and you will also add ½ cup
  • You can add lotion or hand soap to make the slime more stretchy and corn starch to thicken the slime
  • When you added all of this you are going to mix it all together
  • When you are done mixing it is time for fun part the colouring so you can add either food colouring or acrylic colour if you wish for your slime to have colour
  • Now you are going to add activator to the texture you are going to add little bit and mix it and then add little bit until the slime is not sticking to your hands
  • For the end you have to stretch out the slime and squeeze to fully activate it and there you go your fluffy slime is ready for you to play with it

Rainbow fluffy slime:

You are going to make fluffy as I just explained to you and you are either going to make a huge slime and will cut off small pieces and colour them afterwards or you are going to make couple of small slimes that you are going to colour before activating it works both ways. I usually make rainbow slime with following colours: yellow, orange, red, green, blue and purple if you don’t have enough material you can do with less colours the important thing is you need at least three colours

How to make certain colours:

Orange: mixing red and yellow

Green: mixing blue and yellow

Purple: mixing pink and blue

When you are done mixing all the colours together you are going to take colour by colour and make the slimes into lines and then line them all together you can line them as you wish it can be from light to dark or from dark to light colour or randomly. But there is also another way to do this you can make slimes round kind of like a ball and but them all together into circles in the photos down below how it looks like. And there you go you have yourself pretty rainbow slimes

the circle method


the line method

Unicorn fluffy slime:

Unicorn slime is very similar to rainbow slime the only thing is it contains more pastel colours. So for this slime you will need blue, pink and purple which are also my fav colours and you will do everything the same as with rainbow slime the only thing different is now you have three colours. And you just put them to separate bowls. You can use one of the methods I mention previously with rainbow slime or there is also another one. You can take one container and then add the colour in container you can line the colours or you can take little pieces and add them randomly how you like it and it should look like this btw don’t mind the colour it is just an example how it should look like:

And there you go you have beautiful unicorn slime you have take Tumblr look alike photos

Fluffy slime is so much fun and when you make beautiful fluffy slimes like these it is even more fun. Hope this recipes will be useful for you and yes have fun making them

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