Flower Embroidery

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Flower Embroidery is hitting us hard this isn’t it. Flower Embroidery has concord the entire fashion industry.

Now some of you might be wondering what is this loca chica talking about? What that Flower Embroidery? Embroidery what?  Maybe not all of you are familiar with this word, but I am sure if you would see it you would know what I am talking about. It is basically patches that are attached to clothes and they are not any they are floral. It is perfect timing for this trend to be alive because we all know spring and summer is time for florals. I think this detail makes clothing pieces very outstanding and stylish. So for today’s post I will show you view pieces that will look great with this flower embroidery. That is great to know what looks great incase you are looking to buy some flower embroidery pieces and also get little inspirationRead till the end to get some surprise 

Shoes: what would make my shoes even better? Make my entire outfit explode? Nothing will stand out more than flower embroidery detail. Shoes with flower embroidery are just bomb right now and it gives your shoes that fire it needs.


Denim jeans: jeans with flower on them sounds just odd? Doesn’t it? Not if you are willing to embrace it and give it a chance. That is what our flower lovers did and found new trend through that. Jeans and flowers are perfect match. Doesn’t matter what kind of jeans if there are mom jeans or cropped jeans anything works and is looks super adorable. What I also love about this is embroidery flowers on one side of jeans that makes them super playful and fun as well. 

T-shirt: we all love our basic plain t-shirts but sometimes we do need little detail to it. Especially when the entire outfit is very simple. And then this flower embroidery t-shirt comes in play. Flower Embroidery are great with plain t-shirts and it great detail to the look.

Denim jacket: you know how much I love my denim jacket and when I see even more creative denim jacket I jumped to it. Something that looks so good and will make your denim jacket stand out and create adorable outfits. You can even personalised and kind of present you. From small to big flowers anything works for this trends and you can wear with anything this jacket will enhance your outfit.

Dress: we all love our simple dress, but sometimes you just need that detail to make it wow. Don’t you think little black dress with flower embroidery and heeled boots would look much better. Adding some colour make it more outstanding and interesting.

Leather skirt: I love leather skirt the way it is. You can create looks with it with just simple top and some cute jacket. But adding this flower embroidery will make it even cutter. It gives this extra charm to your look and it adds little girly side to edgy skirt. Girly and edgy are my fav are just such a good match. Just small flower detail will do so much good to the skirt.

Flower embroidery has purpose to make it more playful and outstanding. To be able to stand out and make your outfit wow. To make simple outfit to bomb outfit. Being able to create from simple look an outstanding look says it all. Not only that but flowers is happy and it gives you inside and out very positive vibes. Hope you guys go inspired by it let me know which piece you liked the most!!

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