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When it comes to slime, sometimes it is not as good it might be because you stored the slime for too long or you might have messed up something while making it. But slime is always fixable you can always make it right and todays I will be telling you how you can fix slime.

How to fix hard slime:

sometimes your slime doesn’t turn out as soft as you want to be, this might be because you didn’t mix as well.  And I personally hate it, it is so hard to play with because it is so hard to stretch it out and it breaks a lot and it is just not fun But don’t worry there is super easy solution for that just add lotion to the slime any lotion should work and mix it and if you are not happy you can add more until you are happy with your slime and now you can have awesome time playing with the slime.

#2: when the slime is over-boraxed it also gets harsh/hard so in this case you also need to soften it and for this it is so easy the only thing you need to do is leave your slime sit by the window for about 1 to 2 day. The sun light makes slime softer 

#3: this one is for anyone who can’t be waiting 1-2 days for sun to soften the slime you can simply run under hot water and will have soft slime in view minutes. I suggest add little by little because adding a lot of water at once might make slime very liquidy and that is also something you don’t want.

How to fix too liquidy slime:

When the slime has been sitting for view days it might turned liquid and it sucks because you really can’t play with liquid slime, but don’t worry even this can be fixed. You just need to activate it again any activator would work but I suggest if you have borax to use borax. And there you go just in view minutes you can play with your slime again

#2: if your slime has been sitting for weeks or months it will get super liquidy so in this case you will have to add little bit of glue and activator I suggest borax but any activator should work and it should do the trick. 

How to fix over-activated slime:

Sometimes when you are activating slime you over do it and it gets over activated I mean I get it I store my activator in bottle and sometimes it goes too fast you can’t control so I know what it is like I have been there, but you can still fix it. You will have to put slime in another bowl while you you are getting ride of all of extra liquid inside the original bowl after you can but the slime back into the bowl. The next thing you will do is add little bit of glue and you will put the glue in the middle and start mixing like you mix activator and it will get sticky but it will get better and at the end you will get great results. 

So yes this are all the scenarios of slime fails I could think of and how to fix them it is super easy and trust me it is never over you can always fix it. So I hope this helps you out and if you don’t understand something please write me and I’ll try to write you as soon as I can. If you want more content from me go my my slime Instagram which is @slimewithkaty for daily content some fun satisfying videos, inspiration for slime and also tricks and tips so you might want go and check it out.

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