Epic Summer Outfits you have to Copy

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It seems like yet again we are forced to wear jackets yet again, since the sun is talking little break. But when it seems the darkest it won’t be coming back it will comes stronger than ever and it looks like today was the darkest so the sun will be coming at any time now. So when the sun is out we got to be summer ready and that means taking these risky outfits and putting them to real test. Luckily for us it doesn’t have to be as risky since we got help from our street style pros who will make sure it is tested and summer ready. So we picked up the best street style outfits from out pros that are very suitable for summer, seem risky but yet too good to not try, trendy and shop able you can copy and past to yourself and save yourself some time on shopping and at home picking up the outfit we got you girl so let’s get started:

Yellow skirt: here  | Bad t-shirt: here | Yellow/orange boots: here | Bag: here


Gingham skirt here | Shirt here | White clutch here | Sunglasses here

Silk dress here | Plain white t-shirt here | White sneakers here | Leather jacket here

Mini dress here | Kimono here | Silver high heels here | Clutch here |

Plain grey high neck t-shirt click | Suede black skirt click | Round sunglasses here | White bag click 

Embroidered black skirt click | Off shoulder white top click | Wedges sandals click | Sunglasses click

Tank top click | Gold skirt click| White all stars click | Sunglasses click

Trying out new things and taking risks in fashion can possibly open your eyes and teach you something new. This is something not only you have noticed from your past experiences but also our street style pros provided to us. Playing around combining items that you think won’t go well is fashion all about. People haven’t come with great trends by playing safe and something that has proved to be good you need to be risky and not only with fashion with life because there is big possibility it turns out great. Don’t ever feel comfortable go out of your comfort zone and be willing to try out new things. Our street style pros did great job by styling items that you would never think to put together and yet they do seem simply but yet also unusual and totally going out of your comfort zone required. But luckily for you they have already tested this for you and it has great end results only thing you need to do now is copy and past. I have taken some time to find your the same or similar pieces from the outfits and found you the best deals out there so no more westing time thinking what to wear or where to buy you have everything on here.

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