Emergency June shape

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hello my dear reader and summer body seekers ; in today’s article i will give you workout and diet tips that will help you if you are falling behind on your summer body goals or you want to keep in shape and looking for a change in your diet/workout  plans , and i will be looking for feed back by the end of June on how it worked this will be a bit long and i will start with the diet plan then workout .

lets eat:

1- summer is a great way to drink more water we feel more thirsty anyway so we should use it , drink 3-4liters of water aprox (8oz) everyday on an average of 1-2cups every hour or so .

2- protein protein protein distribute you protein intake through out the day and make sure its low fat or fat free and take turns between protein types , now this does not mean that you only eat protein you can eat carps but only in the morning (if it is complex carps ) simple carps are limited to vegetables and fruit now be careful with fruit too try to consume it during the day not night though.

3-keep your carps simple , fruits and vegetables are the 2 things you are allowed so no sugar if you must then use honey for the sweet taste ,no white flower no wheat either you can eat outs but should be during the morning .

4-i see vitamin C :vitamin C is needed to boost your metabolism so try to intake it every 4 hours orange,lime/lemon on salad, green pepper, hot chili pepper are all great options for vitamin C .

5-detox and get loose :one day during the weak you must detox meaning minimum food intake and if you will eat you only allowed to eat raw food ,a lot water and drinking detox drinks and no caffeine , you have one day in the weak where you can cheat and eat what you want (great news right) i recommend you detox after your cheating day.

6- Tea and yogurt :get some black tea and yogurt, after 30-45min of the main course make simple black tea and wait for it to be warm and squeeze a half a lime on it (no sugar) , before you go to bed around 11pm take the Greek yogurt and also squeeze a lime on it  but you must have that on an empty stomach (this will take off 80grams of pure fat) of lime is to harsh on your stomach use vitamin C drops .

7-Never full:now this is very very important i cant emphasize enough on how important it is now to fill in you stomach with food when you eat Never Never eat till you are full leave some space behind , eat one third of your stomach , to maintain this drink 2 cups of water 30-20min before you eat anything .

8-frequency is key :you must have heard this a thousand times but you must eat every 2-3hrs with small amount of food 200-300 calories or less  for each meal , and minimum alcohol consumption is also key

now that is all for the diet plan write it down and keep it in you phone to remember it and go grocery shopping and you can section your meals during the next 2 days so when i post the workout on Saturday you are all set for a new life style .

this plan isn’t just for summer its for everyone trying to keep a healthy life style , and i will show modifications throughout seasons to fit it with your needs .

with all of talking about food remember there are a lot in this world who can’t find it , so think about it every time you waist food never take any meal you eat of any drop of water you drink for granted .

My loves stay beautiful because I know you are and keep smiling no matter what

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Lots of hugs and kisses

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