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Denim is just so must thing. Whenever I don’t have idea why to wear I just grab one or more denim pieces.

If I had to describe my style in one world it would probably be denim. And not only being I am wearing it all the time but how many denim pieces I own. The other day I was cleaning up my room and I found out I had 10 different denim jacket!! What 10? I mean I would understand 3 or 4 but 10 that is ridiculous I can’t even believe it. But in my defence they all look so different. But let’s move on from that I know I am crazy but I think we have all known that for a long time, but the thing you are wondering is why denim outfit at all? What have you been up to today? Some day time date? Some secret thing you are doing? Well no I wish but totally no. Today I have been working on some blog stuff I shot view stuff for blog our instagram you guys will be having some create content there as well so keep your eyes on that. Also I worked on our fitness ebook that hopefully will be coming out soon can’t say when though.

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And after all these things I went with my friend to get a coffee and then after that went to a meeting. And yes that was it pretty productive day and this is what I wore today












Sunglasses from Rayban | Denim jacket from Bershka | Basic white t-shirt from Zara | Denim jeans from Bershka | Ankle boots from Pepejeans | Bag knock off Valentino

Today I styled my outfit with this trend that has been trending a lot lately, but already has been trend view years back. It’s the fishnet tights trend and it is pretty old trend, but came back better than ever. It is funny so see how I style it now and how i styled it back then when I was little so different. I have been loving seeing women on the streets wearing these tights with ripped jeans, it is very flattering detail to the outfit so I thought I try it out. First I was going for other ripped jeans, but the way they are ripped wasn’t working with this tights at all it was so unflattering so I choose this beautiful jeans from Bershka which look amazing with this tights. By the way speaking of Bershka did you hear they have now makeup line and apparently selling converse I am not sure if they are real once or fake I have to check and let you know. But let’s talk about this do you think the quality will be good comment down below. I don’t think it will be good, I feel it is the same thing like H&M and I tried their foundation and it is the worst thing ever, but I am excited to try it out. With this look I was going with very simple so for top I decided on white basic t-shirt, but with that I had little problem. All of my white t-shirts were washing and let’s be honest I have one and half white t-shirt and they are all graphic tees, which I was not going for with this look. So I went to my sisters closet btw my fav closet and just took view or her many white tees, she has so many white tees and took this little see through white tee. I put on this white tee and added denim jacket to it and I knew it was great choice it just suits great with denim jacket. One tip if you don’t know about t-shirt to wear with denim jacket white always look good in general with denim you know coming from denim expert haha. For finishing touch I added my fav ankle boots this beauties I thought to know be too casual adding ankle boots will make little bit stylish and less casual. The finally look was there, but when I was looking at it, there was something missing. With little bit of thing I knew it needed colour so I grab this colourful clutch and it was completely different with it. It just shows how much beautiful bright colour make difference with your outfits. I think this outfit turned out great even though at first it seems little bit crazy with way too much denim, but you get used to it with me. When I am around denim is around we just roll together. So yes that was my look for today little inspiration for you.

Obviously this is just inspiration I want you guys to create your own beautiful outfits. You should be your own stylists and the outfit that you wear should be you. It should represent how you are and how you feel and maybe even your background. But there is one thing that will make difference with your outfits is confidence. Wearing your outfit with confidence and just being proud of it, makes your outfit look 100% better. You can have an amazing outfit but if you are not wearing it with confidence it won’t look good at all. You have to be proud of your look and at the same time at yourself and your body. Don’t be afraid to say I am beautiful and I have an amazing body, because you do. Everyone is on their own way special so embrace yourself and be proud of yourself.

What do you think will be the biggest hit this spring? Comment down below

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  1. Your denim jacket is soooo cool! I`ve been searching for that perfect one for ages now…. And absolutely love the sunnies as well!

    Comment by Laura on April 22, 2017 at 1:36 pm
  2. Oooh that’s so much and yes so true denim jacket is hard to find I am so happy I found this one. I bought this one last year but you might still find it at Bershka or Zara. Cheers and thanks for stopping by

    Comment by Katarina Zivkovic on April 22, 2017 at 9:35 pm

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