Denim jacket and leather skirt

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It’s has been a long week. Even though this week flew so fast by it felt very long. I have been busy doing some exciting stuff and just working hard and working with passion. It’s amazing being able to create and come up with some great ideas every day and this is only possible because I left my sucky job and now I am all about blogging. Trust me guys if your job doesn’t feel right and you can’t see yourself working there, then you should move on from it! It is so not worth I feel so much free and happier doing this than I was ever at that job. But let’s move on from that we are not here to be negative, we are here so inspire people. This trend has been huge lately and it is this old trend, trend from the past “Fishnet tights”! And now it is stronger than ever and I have been trying out to style my outfits with it and I have been loving it. View weeks ago I styled it with my ripped jeans and this time I decided to do it with leather skirt. I will be more outfits with fishnet tights but now check out how I styled fishnet tights and leather skirt. All of the products in the post you can find at our shop here










Sunglasses from Rayban | T-shirt from Mango | Denim jacket from Pull&Bear | Leather skirt from H&M | Backpack from Fizzen | Sneakers from Nike

As I said before I was styling the outfit around the fishnet tights. First thing I took was my leather skirt I knew that looked good with fishnet tights. They have similar style, they are both edgy so I knew with that I will be right and I was. At that time I had this graphic tee on me and I thought that would look good with this skirt tucked in. For jacket I was first like let’s wear leather jacket, but I was also like too much leather not enough outgoing! And it is true one leather piece and especially with fishnet tights is enough. So then I was thinking what jacket to wear and I was thinking and think!! So then I decided to scroll through my closet, because I know I always find there so new/old stuff and then I came across this old denim jacket. I am pretty sure this doesn’t even belong to me, but kind of end up in my closet, but it is so beautiful and totally stylish. At first I was thinking if that is good idea? I mean denim and leather, but I also thought it can brighten the outfit and with the white tee it can look great and also add little retro style to the look. So I put it on and I was surprised it looked amazing. Then it was time for shoes and when I started putting this outfit together I already had in mind that I was going to wear dr.martins to this outfit, but as I am so messy I don’t know where my things are so I couldn’t find them. So I noticed this Nike sneakers and I knew I didn’t wear them for ages so I was like I have little white colour going to let’s go with them and I took them and with that all I added just this fringe backpack. I think is very simple but yet very outgoing so it didn’t need any other accessories. So this was my outfit I really enjoyed putting it together and I took it is very outgoing so I am definitely trying more outfit with leather skirt and fishnet tights.

Fishnet tights can make your outfit very outgoing and also give you that edgy side as well. Even though you are not that edgy person you should try it out as well. Trying new things and going out of your comfort zone is very important. It allows you to discover something new and something that totally works but you never knew. I was never big fishnet tights fan, but I have been trying it out and it actually creates great outfits. All of details of the outfit you can find at our shop here so it is easier for you if you like something to directly buy it. I hope you got inspired and let me know how you liked this look in comments down below

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