Everyone loves bomber jacket

by Katarina Zivkovic - May 9,2016
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These bomber jackets have become such a huge deal lately. I mean they are not anymore just another jacket in your clothes, they are the jacket of your clothes. And you can't just have one bomber jacket. You have to have first bomber jacket in all of your favourite colours, and for every occasion so you can always wear it am I right? I feel like bomber jacket have become a trend...


Oversized denim jacket

by Katarina Zivkovic - April 25,2016

The other day it was surprisingly amazing weather here in Switzerland. Who doesn't live in Switzerland has to know that weather here is weird and you never know how the weather will be like. For example in March the weather was so amazing, but in April it was raining so much and it has been so depressing. So anytime we have good weather here, we have to enjoy it. Since it was g...


Abs workout

by Katarina Zivkovic - April 19,2016

Working out is something so great you can't even explain and most of us have love-hate relationship with working out. At first and just thought of working out makes them sick, but then when they are done with it, they feel so good and very happy and eventually it just becomes love for working out. I think if all of us had just that end effect it would make us so much better and...


Coachella: must have

by Katarina Zivkovic - April 11,2016

As you all know it's that time of the year again for our favourite music festival Coachella. Time flays by so fast I can still remember what I wrote for our last year Coachella article. Coachella is really the first super fun event for the summer and then all other fun events are coming up. When it is Coachella time you know it is time to have some fun and relax because summer ...



by Katarina Zivkovic - April 8,2016

Here we will be posting all of our travels #nakedlydressedtravels and will take with us to our travels and share with your out adventures hope you enjoy it Our recent travel to Barcelona at Park G├╝ell Back in 2013 in Barcelona at Sagrada Familia In Nice at centre of the city little shopping In Nice with sephora bag #makeupshopping Boat trip in Monaco with ...