My traveling week

by Katarina Zivkovic - July 22,2016
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As most of you know I love to travel, but sadly I don't get enough time off work so I don't get to travel a lot. So when I get time off work I go crazy and plan super fun crazy trips with my friends and just want to see so much in less time. Well this time I managed to see two places in one week which was super amazing first I went to Mallorca in Spain kind of beach place with ...


What’s in my travel bag?

by Katarina Zivkovic - July 1,2016
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As you know it is summer and most of us are traveling around this time. Summer is such a great time to travel especially when you live in Europe. Europe is the best in the summer and you can do so many different things in the summer go to open air concerts, go to some wild summer parties and get tan. Since I will be traveling next week first to Spain and then to London I want t...


My top bodies

by Katarina Zivkovic - June 22,2016
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I have noticed that bodies are coming back to fashion and now we can chose from different styles. When I was a kid I used to wear it because I had to my mom made me so I wouldn't be cold and I was trying to hide it as much as possible and avoid wearing it, but today I want to show off them and wear them all the time. Sometimes fashion is funny sometimes you used to hate wearing...


Learn to fight like a girl!

by Lana Ty - May 19,2016

When a guy says that another guy “fights like a girl” you know it’s meant as an insult. A guy who "fights like a girl" is supposed to be a weak guy that anyone can beat up. The reason for is of course is that men are generally both taller and much stronger than women. But does that mean that guys must always be better than girls at fighting? Of course not! After al...


Get bikini ready on budget

by Katarina Zivkovic - May 11,2016
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The summer is coming up and you are no happy how your body looks, or you just want to look even better. But you don't want to pay way too much for gym membership or personal trainer or even those fitness programs. Well good for you is that you actually don't need that much money and today I am going to show you how. I also wanted to say it is good that you have motivation to lo...