Back to school: clothing must haves

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The sun is slowly going away and the responsibilities by name of school are calling us. It feels like just yesterday we left the school and yet again come back. But not everything about coming back to school sucks you get to see your friends and talk about your amazing summer and one great thing is you get you buy new clothes for back to school. Back when I used to go to school that was my favourite part just being able to pair my outfits and one other thing is these back to school outfits are truly the cutest. But the big question is what is in this back to school season? Well don’t worry I got you with all hottest back to school clothing items you must have so let’s get started:

Denim patches: doesn’t matter if it is on denim jacket, jeans patches will spice up your outfits and make you feel like “THE COOL KID” ! Since patches make outfits itself very interesting you can keep it simply and go with pair of jeans or skirt, simple tee and sneakers you can also add some cool hat that could also look good.

White tee: talking about something with white tee, well white tee is also something you totally have to have this year. I mean white tee will never go out of style it is very simple piece that you can pair with anything. From sporty to elegant anything goes. You can wear it with jeans, skirts, shorts and even over elegant dress.

Top/sweater over dress: when going to school you should also wear something you feel comfortable in but still be stylish at the same time. Well latest back to school trend top or sweater over dress is perfect for that. You feel very comfy but it is super stylish and with pair of boots it will look perfect.

Velvet skater skirt: velvet just screams fall time and back to school. If you are have special occasions at school or well up for some fancy outfit this is great for that. I would wear with velvet skater skirt some nice blouse or top tuck in the skirt, with some nice ankle boots and some earrings or hat.

Chambray dress: only because the school started doesn’t mean the summer is over you have still time and for this first couple of weeks at school this denim chambray dress is great for this. It is very casual but in stylish way and still keeps you comfy. Just throw some nice sandals or sneakers with this one and nice details earrings or necklace and you got yourself nice casual outfit for remaining summer days.

Mismatched jeans: this latest trend can spice up your looks and take your outfits to the next level. It is basically jeans with two different shades and this just makes your outfit more interesting. You can wear it with some ankle boots and denim jacket, but you can also style it with some blouse a lot of options you have hear.

Floral sneakers: this trends has be popping ever since this spring, and our lovely gucci introduced us to this trend. Basically gucci came out with boom sneakers floral collection and ever since everyone has been making them and obviously they are the must have for back to school season. Not only are they cute and super girly, but can make any outfit look super stylish. You can wear this with skirts, jeans and even dresses so get creative .

Pumpkin spice skirt: when it’s pumpkin spice season it’s obviously something is this color will be trending and this season it’s the skirt. This color is such a typical for fall season and even though summer it over I am so happy to see this color again. I would wear this skirt with some basic t-shirt or sweater and brown coloured heeled ankle boots. It’s very school girl fashionable look and you can wear any time at school.

This back to school outfits are the cutest. I feel the best part of getting back to school is picking outfits and buying new clothes for that season. At least something you can look forward. So hope you enjoyed reading this one and got inspired, this are just view items you need there are more so if you want to see part two comment down below and I will do part two. Also any other wishes for article back to school and halloween related.

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