About Nakedlydressed

Friends who came together and created something beautiful and unique

Nakedlydressed is a blog, that has good vibes, positive energy and just all-fun things. Founded in 2015 by three friends from three different cultures, who share passion for fashion, beauty, fitness and travel. Nakedlydressed is place that encourages women to wear the outfits like they own it and also creating looks with just view simple items and making them amazing . We also want everyone here feeling beautiful and special, because you know you are beautiful you have to believe that!!!  Nakedlydressed is more than just a blog, it’s something you can’t find or read everyday, we got three girls from different cultures, with different points of view, but yet managed to come together and created this blog . This is place, where everyone is welcome and everyone can well beautiful and also safe here.

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Nakedlydressed has worked with many fellow bloggers, doing different kind of collabs, to get to know other great bloggers and introduce them to their readers.  


Katarina: Co-Founder, Writer & Manager

Lisa: Co-Founder, Writer & Editoral Manager

Diana: Co-Founder

Neema: Editor

Farnaz: Art Director & Writer

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When we collaborate with company, we have chance to show our readers new companies and their beautiful products. Also while choosing with whom with collaborate, we consider only companies, which products we would really use. Because our readers have trust in us we don’t want to break this trust by promoting some bad products – Katarina

Past Collaborations:

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Illustrated Clothing here

Lycee Clothing

Fash Feek 

Trio App here

To die for Swimwear here

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