How? Why? When I became FEMINIST?

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How? Why? When I became FEMINIST? Where do I start? When it comes to feminism and how I became one I could spend hours talking about it but let’s keep it short. I think I always had feminist inside of me and deep down always knew that is what I was meant to do. Omg that sounds so cliche this is going so well. But anyways as a female and person from third world country even when you are younger you do notice certain things, but then when you ask why is it people just tell you this is how it is. They make it so normal that male and mostly white male are getting more and better as a child you believe it. The thing is you actually do grown up and start noticing certain things and start seeing it clearly. That started for me when I moved from my home country Serbia to Switzerland. See I was noticing things in Serbia too, but just believed it was messed up country and system but I was then noticing things in Switzerland, a country where it is so amazing to live. I do believe it is an amazing country but some stuff were not so good. First time that i really was made aware of it is when I started going to school. I noticed so much favoutism boys for sure were getting better treatment of I guess white male that were either from Switzerland or some rich country. See not only was I female but I was also from third country and I noticed it really hard. For example back when I was in school when you were caught using your phone you would get punished and I actually did get punished but then I would see boys do the same things and they would kind of let it go. I also noticed when we were getting marks how boys kind of always got better marks for the same quality or even worst. I would one time worked really hard on this paper and get alright mark and then noticed some of my male classmates got better mark for I guess not even as good paperwork as my. I guess through a lot of experiences in school my brain started to open and started noticing some flaws. The way some teachers were acting made me not work so hard I thought to myself well I anyways won’t get the best grade so why even bother studying this hard. I was even noticing when we would have project and had male in group we would for sure get better grad than what we thought we would get. It is sad how system make you believe you are not as good alone as you are with male. They really should entourage us more do be indeppendet but of course they are scared of that. So I continue experiencing many sexist and not far stuff, but I guess I was still growing up so it still didn’t make me get up and do something. So view years later I got job in my current job, where 90% of people who work there are men it that won’t make you do something what will am I right? So most of them are nice and not nasty at all but one of them really did push my buttons. I would noticed how he would comment in joking way of course about certain parts of my body and yes it was a joke and I also played along with it just because as a woman you are used it and also couldn’t be bothered saying anything. But would be even think about doing this to other co workers who were male? No not really . So he kept doing it and of course he always said it was a joke but this really made me start thinking and start be aware and actually say wait this is not right! Why do I need to hear everyday comment about my body I didn’t ask? ANd why do you have need to start doing it in the first place? I did eventually say to stop it because don’t feel comfrotable and he did stop it but that you actually have to mention made me wonder. And I want to declaim that I don’t blame him he is actually great person I think most men do act this way because they are taught by society even we act as if this is okay. I guess at that point I was more aware and more grown up no actually do something about it. So I started reading and researching and really got inspired. So two weeks later after I woke up from the biggest New Year’s hangover and text from very special person that I feel in a way inspired me even though he probably would never believe it I got up and decided to make out of my old fashion blog account and inspiring feminist account so I did. The original idea was to just kind of post pink feminist photos and have fun with it but the more I did the more inspired I got and this made me want to have deep and meaningful post with rich capitions. I got inspired to educate people and open their eyes. From that day I started getting innovoled so much with feminism like reading about the topic, researching and even donating. I just love being part of this community and love the fact my words can open someone’s eyes and in a way help people. Having feminist instagram account is so powerful for me because it has huge impact. I feel everyday with my account and the things I post there I grow and gorw and also learn so much about it. This makes me so happy being able to teach you something and really make impact in really fixing flaws in our system. I really feel strongly that everyone should be treated the same regardless of their gender or where they come from because the diversity also comes from races which is another flaw in our system. I look forward to bringing you even deeper meaning with my blog and to help myself and every woman other there.

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