How to make old jeans stylish again

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Jeans are something anyone can use. They very easy to style and go with anything, but since you can basically use them for any outfit they fall apart quickly. And nowadays you pay around 60 to 100 dollars for pair of jeans and that is crazy  and let’s be honest not everyone has every month 100 dollard to spend on jeans espically young people. But don’t worry about it because I got great diys ideas for old jeans to make them trendy again


Dark jeans turned into light shade:

 You probably have for sure one of those jeans who turned into lighter shade because they were worn way too many time and the jeans itself are still good but because oft the shade it just doesn’t look good. You can fix that by adding some patches or stickers. Patches you can buy at any craft store for very cheap. You can also buy stickers at some craft store but if they don’t have what you are looking for you can make yourself just choose what a photo and print out on photopaper or sticker/paper. I would suggest first laying the stickers and patches on the jeans before applying them. For some patches you will need iron but some matches are already stick and you will just have ot take off the paper but it is very easy process that will take you view minutes. And in view minutes your jeans will  be looking so much better. It makes such a difference adding view of sickers and patches to your jeans.


The bottom of the jeans is getting old

 With some jeans when they might be little bit too long or you might have been wearing them tucked to boots the ham start to fall apart but don’t worry you can mix that. It is super easy fix just remove the ham you can go little above the hame if you want to. And the next thing you are going to do is take tweezer and that to pull out all the little threads. This will make your jeans more distressed so if you don’t want that you can skit this step. And there you go you got yourself another very stylish pair of old jeans


Old and too boring jeans:

 You might have bought some jeans when there were very trendy and there is nothing wrong with them but you are not feeling them they are just missing something. You want to bring them to trend again by diy-ing them. This is very easy you can going to add little fringe on bottom. YOu might have seen very stylish fringe bottom jeans and they sre very trendy. S0 how are you going to turn your jeans bottom into fringe? Wellt he first thing you are going to do is draw lines on bottom and make sure all oft hem are amount the same distance and same hight. The next thing you are going to is cut the lines and that is it. If you want to distressed look you can take out some oft he threads but I think without taking threads they would look great.If you feel like you need to take out some threads do so. And there you go you got yourself fun fringe jeans that are for sure not boring

So here you go very easy diys to make your jeans trendy again. There are just small details but trust me guys small details make big difference. Anyways I have one extra diy for jeans on my youtube channel you can click here this diy really liked how it turned out so you need to check it out. Hope you enjoyed this article and if you want more diys let me know and I’ll make sure to do more

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